Wash curtains in the matters to be considered are briefly

1 Washing, should be done without deforming , centrifugation or tightening should be done .
2 Tulle hanging damp hair needs to be reduced to a minimum .
3 In Tulle , ironing must be done very carefully , wrinkle opened veil should not be made to deform . If possible at all without the use of iron in this tulle , tulle should be hanged itself after it dries .
4 Organza and tulle produced in 20 denier , while ironing , steam setting should be checked and warm as well to be ironed .
1 Machine or hand washing should be done in the fabric , the fabric should be sent to absolutely dry cleaning .
2 If it is made in fabric printing machine washing, not to lose the vibrancy of colors normal detergent containing bleach should not be used .
3 Spills on fabric , absorbent paper or a soft cloth must be treated as soon as possible . Cleaning the detergent , colored soap, soap and stain removal agents should be used.
4 In direct sunlight or high temperature drying process should be done with iron .
Polyester curtain fabric and delicate at 30 degrees , the maximum should be washed in the washing program should be implemented and delicate spin . Especially tulle groups should be tightened up to 600 rpm .
Creasing exponentially in the washing machine to wash cloth bags to be imposed on ( if you do not wash bag wash putting it into a large pillowcase ) and without waiting in when washed , wet must be dried by hanging cornice .
Or at the end of the rope curtain in the washing machine will damage the fabric should not have any hard objects .
Before removing the folding mechanism curtains , bars, beads and other accessories if any do not forget to carefully disassemble .
Very dirty if tulle must be stored in hot water before washing .
If more dirty net curtains and if he left more than rzam soapy water after washing Then add 1 cup of ammonia for 2 h and rinsed immediately after the wash two times , the sun should be kept .
Color screen for protection feature of the first day and including bone color of all colored items should be washed with detergent Colormatik .
Having a long-lasting colors and fabrics to wear that protects from direct sunlight blinds curtains , blinds or curtains should be used louvre .
Curtain washing with approximately 3 months period in terms of the protection of the natural color and appearance is required.
And the contamination of curtains for your health, your living room or in your room smoking.